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Cebeo, part of the Sonepar Group

Cebeo is a global wholesale of electrical equipment and part of the Sonepar group. It has a turnover of over 2.000.000 € every day and entrusts the cooling of its datacenter to Tac! for many years.

No need to stress the importance of the data center for Cebeo!

In every way they want a reliable partner to take care of their datacenter.

Recently Tac! advised to replace one of their downflow units in order to maintain a reliable installation .

Airedale was able to deliver an easycool DF20X2-EZR unit in just 3 weeks and installation and commissioning was done within the next 3 days. The unit is equipped with a PcoWEB Ethernet interface in order to pass any malfunction immediately.

The unit is now up and running for another decade, the client relieved of his worries.

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